*We Are Currently Open & Shipping Domestically*
*No International Shipping Is Provided Right Now*
*Please See Our Covid-19 Update*

**If you are an International Customer, PLEASE READ: At this time we are not accepting any International Orders until things slow down with the Virus spread and shipping gets back to normal. The extra time that it is taking orders to arrive to our International Customers is longer than usual and has caused customers to complain, and It is just not worth it to have customers upset with us over the 3rd party purchase, shipping, that we have so little control over.
**If you place an International Order, the order will automatically be cancelled and your payment will be refunded back to your account. Thank you for your understanding.**

We are having so many issues with International Orders getting through customs. Orders are taking unusually long sometimes over a month or 2 and we have had customers both here on the website and on Etsy get upset with us and at this time we have decided that the stress is just not worth it. I hope you can understand and once things get back to a more normal ship time, we will remove the signs and information and begin shipping Internationally again. Thank you for your understanding. Have a beautiful day ~Renea




Reneabouquets Customers, I thought it was time that I addressed the Covid-19 Virus. I hope that all of you are watching not only the U.S. News but other countries news channels and coming to your own conclusions, preparing and keeping yourself healthy.

At Reneabouquets we are a small, Mom and Pop ran shop, and so we easily started Social Distancing on February 24th. We moved 1 of our lasers, our professional printers and our flat bed cutter to our huge garage at our residence with enough stock to run the shop for a while, so that we don't even have to leave our property, or risk exposure. I know that sounds extreme to some people, but we know so little about this virus, and we just want to make sure that we keep both ourselves safe and our customers. We are just living by our Reneabouquets motto "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Reneabouquets will be business as usual. We have actually been really busy. Our main customer base is professional artists who create for a living, and they seem to be just stocking up to create. From the products they are purchasing they are all just going ahead and preparing for Fall, Winter & Christmas, and our regular customers know that if they do get contained to their home, they will need something to do, and what better medium than arts and crafting to keep your mind off things and provide you with joy during a difficult time. Artists trust our brand and us, and we have done everything in our power to make sure things on our end are safe. We do advise that once you receive a package that you disinfect the outside of the box for your safety against any contamination from the persons handling the package once it leaves Reneabouquets.

Because we make most of our own products or get them from local businesses, I don't see us having any issues with running out of too many products. The only things we may run low on or run out of are a few of the laces that are now out of production, or some of the newer laces that I brought in, but had not been back to the market to stock up on. One of the makers of some of our trinkets has discontinued a few of the products that we carry, and I have been working on finding a new supplier, but those may sell out along with a few products that I had decided to discontinue anyway. We have lots of our Beautiful Board made up, so there will be no issues with any products made from it. We actually have enough made up for a couple of years 😉 We have plenty of flowers done up for now and I still have quite a bit that I haven't got in the store from last year, because we stay so busy. I also still have lots of glitters to get on and we have plenty of all glitters and beads in stock, so no issues there.

If we do get slow, David and I will just keep drawing, and designing and working on products that we haven't been able to get into the shops 😊 The website will remain open, and orders will be filled daily as usual. If needed, we will let the Etsy shop dwindle down or put it on vacation, because it costs a lot to keep it running and I don't want to be spending out more money than is coming in. I may at some point have to rotate the Design Team if shipping out packages gets to be an expense that I just can't do for everyone monthly, but I want to keep doing what we do for as long as we can. I want to try to keep the monthly challenge going, and may decide to switch the swap to a challenge or another type of event as well, because if things get more difficult, we will need to keep doing things that bring us joy and having interaction with one another. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me, Renea, personally through either the website messaging, through chat, or through the main e-mail: Reneabouquets@aol.com 🥰 At Reneabouquets we are all about the arts and crafts community and we will get through all this together. ~Renea Harrison

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