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When I saw this Pearl Trimmed Tulle, it was love at first sight!! With all that Yummy Texture, beautiful Pearls nestled in white and pleated tulle design, I just couldn't resist purchasing it for my shop, and you know I will be hoarding some for myself as well!! As an avid crafter, I have decided to add some items to my shop that will be supplies for all your scrapbook, wedding, party and home decor needs. These items will all be unique and beautiful, high quality items that I use for my own projects.


This item includes the following:


1- 12 Inch Piece Pink Pearl Trimmed Tulle


1-12 Inch Piece Teal Pearl Trimmed Tulle


1-12 Inch Piece Yellow Pearl Trimmed Tulle


It measures:

2 1/2 inches in Width



Mesh Polyester & Nylon


Water Soluble

Reneabouquets Trim- Sweet Shop Pearl Trimmed Pleated Tulle


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