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Beautiful With An Edge

Welcome to Reneabouquets!  Reneabouquets is "Beautiful With An Edge." What is our edge? Creative, Innovative products, made from our hands to your heART.

If you are an artist looking for original, creative, and unique products to create with, and enhance your own creations,  then step into the Innovative World of Reneabouquets. This is where you will find original creations, dreamed up, designed and brought to life by Renea Harrison. If the product has Reneabouquets Original on it then here is our promises to you:

*The product is designed, drawn and brought to life by Renea Harrison. Original art work, not someone else's clipart. Nor will it ever be, a product created in another country that I put my name on and pretend that it is mine like some large companies do.

*The product is not created and then sent off to someone else to manufacturer, it is manufactured by Renea Harrison, in her studio and warehouse, right here in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

*The product will never be mass produced.

*The product will be exclusive to the Reneabouquets Shops.

Original and handcrafted products include: Beautiful Board Laser Cut Chipboard, Reneabouquets Printed Beautiful Board Laser Cut Chipboard Die Cuts, Reneabouquets Premium Paper Products, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Tiny Treasures, Magical Miniatures, Double Sided Butterflies, Die Cuts, Tea Cups,  and flowers.

Other items that will be carried at Reneabouquets are items that have been hand selected by Renea Harrison. Items that either she or the Reneabouquets Design Team have worked with and found to be high quality, reliable products that any artist can be proud to use to create with. Exquisite laces, metal trinkets, brooches, buttons, flowers, and more. 

Reneabouquets is a place you can come to get inspired as well as shop. If you want to see what a product looks like when used on a project.  Reneabouquets has photos and videos of inspiring work done by both herself (Renea Harrison) and her Design Team Artists for almost every product in the store!! Just check out  all the photos inside the product listing, or click the videos links posted in the ads for process and step by step videos.

Find lots of Process and Walk Through Videos created by the Reneabouquets Design Team: 

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You can find lots of inspirational blog posts here:

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Reneabouquets the place where you can dream, be inspired and create !! Come see the Reneabouquets difference for yourself!


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