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How do you get that "chunky" look?? I get this question all the time, and one of the ways I get my signature "chunky" Beautiful With An Edge style is by incorporating, texture and color like I do with beads. These Candy Flatback Pearl 1/2 Round Beads incorporate texture and pearlized colors adding amazing texture and color to all of your Do It Yourself Projects.

.6 Ounce Beautiful Beads Sweetheart Candy Flatback Pearls

  • Welcome to the Reneabouquets Candy Shop!!

    You will receive one- .6 ounce jar ( 185-190 Beads) of Reneabouquets Beautiful Beads Sweetheart Candy. This mix includes colors: Pink, Red, Silver & White


    Beads are flat back, 6mm glass 1/2 round beads that have a beautiful pearlized color effect. So perfect for adding color, depth and texture to your arts & crafts projects.


    Beautiful Beads are sold by weight, not volume.


    Beautiful Beads are professionally packaged in a clear jar with a white cap. Jar has my Reneabouquets Logo On top and the name and color of the Beautiful Beads on the bottom.


    I like to use my beads, not set them on a shelf to look at, so my jars were designed for durability and ease. I store my beads upside down on a tray so that the name is facing up and I can grab and use. Fast, easy and FABulous!!


    *These beads are NOT edible Candy. They are made of plastic and are not a toy. Please keep away from children. 


    These beads are perfect for some of the Beautiful Board meets Beautiful Beads designs here at Reneabouquets. Just look in the description to find products that suit these beads.

    I have included a card created by Reneabouquets Design Team Artist Ann Marie Governale for inspiration and so that you can see what this product looks like when used for a project.





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