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Gawdie~extravagantly bright or showy. 
Reneabouquets Gawdie Girl Glitter~"Slap It On!!"

This is a coarse, 70 Grit German Glitter Glass. At Reneabouquets, we are all about the SPARKLE!!  We work hard to bring you high quality glitters from the name that you have come to trust to bring you products that stand up to the test of time, and are made from more environmentally and health conscious products. 


This ground colored glass is silver coated for extra sparkle and shine. Over time a beautiful patina ages the colors, to give you a really authentic vintage glass glitter look.

Reneabouquets Glitter Glass is perfect for adding color, texture and dimension to any art, craft or DIY Decor Project. Simply apply adhesive to surface of your project, sprinkle it with Reneabouquets Gawdie Girl Chunky Glitter Glass, tap off  excess glitter, and let air dry. Our glass glitter can be used with any adhesive or resin. I personally use Judikins Diamond Glaze because it dries clear, rock hard, and leaves you with little fall off.

Why Choose Reneabouquets Gawdie Girl Glitter Glass over Cheap Glitters?
1. I am extremely sensitive to chemicals, plastics and additives, so I am constantly looking for products that are more health conscious and that have as little impact on the artists and environment as possible. I put a lot of research into the products that are carried here at Reneabouquets before bringing them into the store, and glitter glass is a much safer alternative to plastic glitters, plus I can control what goes into it, since it has to pass my rigorous standards.

2. German Glitter Glass is a favorite among artists and crafters due to its outstanding brilliance, color and diamond-like sparkle, plus German Glass Glitter is unlike any glitter product found on most store shelves. As compared to synthetic plastic glitters which tend to give off a dull shine, and are made from dangerous plastics containing  polyethylene terephthalate (PET), or aluminum foil. German Glass Glitter is made from pure glass so the color is always bright and luminous. Sometimes referred to as Victorian glass glitter, this glitter will season with age, giving your project that lustrous glimmer that only the best glitter can provide.

In the world of Glitters you will see products ranging from “cheap” plastic glitters sold by chain stores to higher end German Glass Glitter like the Gawdie Girl Glitters here at Reneabouquets. Most of these products are produced by large companies and sold through retailers and big box stores. They will boast of hundreds of colors, and low prices.These are fine products, for casual crafters, but serious, professional crafters, designers and artists who want the ultimate Glitters know that Reneabouquets means high quality glitters that add that perfect sparkle, shine, texture and dimension! 

**This product is glass, therefore it is not a toy, and not recommended for use with children, on edibles or as cosmetic glitter. **

.5 Ounce Gawdie Girl Black Chunky Glitter Glass

  • You will receive one-.5 ounce jar of Reneabouquets Gawdie Girl Chunky Glitter Glass in Black.


    Glitter is sold by weight, not volume.

    Glitter is professionally packaged in a clear jar with a white cap for the .5 Ounce and 2 Ounce. 1 Pound Option comes Bagged. Jar has my Reneabouquets Logo On top and the name and color of the Gawdie Girl Chunky Glitter on the bottom. I like to use my glitters, not set them on a shelf to look at, so my jars were designed for durability and ease. I store my glitters upside down on a tray so that the name is facing up and I can grab and use. Fast, easy and FABulous!!

    *This Glitter is made of glass and is not a toy. Please keep away from children.


    Included is a photo of Witch Boot Decor By Reneabouquets Design Team Artist Linda Oleman for inspiration and so that you can see what this product looks like when used for a project.
    You can find the process video for this project here:


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