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Reneabouquets Beautiful Board 
What makes it sooooo beautiful? Beautiful Board, or B Board for short, was created with both Artists and their environment in mind. Each design was drawn from scratch with details that true artists crave in their products. B Board is manufactured in house in the Reneabouquets studio, using 100% virgin pulp that gives it over twice as many fibers as regular chipboard for amazing durability, and because it is virgin pulp, not recycled pulp there are no chemicals, or additives that the artist or their environment can be exposed to. 

Beautiful Board is Engineered and Manufactured in house at Reneabouquets, by Team Member, David Harrison using 100% Virgin Pulp and finished with an all organic coating from Renea's late, Pawpaw's secret recipe that allows the paper to take color that produces amazing, true color with amazing depth and clarity. The Double Side Coating provides versatility, because either side can be used, leaving you, the artist, with the choice of creating either right side facing or left side facing art embellishments. The coating provides a Beautiful, Vintage White finish, which means that it can be used as-is right out of the packaging. No gesso or art degree required !! The coating also allows more advanced artists to paint, mist, ink, marker color, emboss, ink rub and more to get a gorgeous, true color that you just can not get from raw chipboard products. 

Beautiful Board has a .072 point thickness which is slightly thicker than a Nickel.

All Beautiful Board Designs are Reneabouquets Originals.
Copyright 2020 They may not be duplicated or recreated in any form.

Beautiful Board is Exclusive To The Reneabouquets Shops.

Beautiful Board Tree Of Life Loaded Card, Tag or Frame Chipboard Kit

  • This listing is for 1-10 piece Beautiful Board Heart Deco Loaded Tag , Card, or Frame Laser Cut Chipboard Unassembled.


    Overall Dimensions: 5 Inches Wide x 7 Inches Tall 

    Pocket has a 1 Inch Depth

    If using as for a Frame:
    Picture Opening Dimensions: 3 1/8 Inches Wide x 5 1/4 Inches Tall


    I created this piece to be multi functional. It can be used as a Loaded Pocket Card or Tag, or it can be used as a stand alone Picture Frame. Choose how you want to use it, and create your own way with Reneabouquets!!

    You can find the Assembly Video For this Kit either in the ad (last frame in ad) or here: 






  • Included are some photos of a Loaded Card created by Reneabouquets Design Team Artist Brandy Metcalf for inspiration when using this product.


    Included are some photos of a Loaded Card created by Reneabouquets Product Ambassador Stephanie Garbett  for inspiration and so that you can see what this product looks like when used for a project. 


    Included in the ad is a photo of a Loaded Card created by Reneabouquets Design Team Artist Linda Lindhorst for inspiration when using this product.

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