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Just how Tiny can a Reneabouquets Butterfly Get? Very Tiny!!


**Please note Butterflies are single side printed, not double**


I have had so many requests from my customers who create cards, tags, miniatures and smaller sized altered projects and decorations to produce my butterflies in a super tiny size.  So now, I am offering up some of my Butterflies in a sweet, super tiny size that are perfect for scrapbooking, cardmaking, tags, mini albums, miniatures, Fairy Gardens or altered item applications called Reneabouquets Butterfly Kisses. 


They are color enhanced and rastorized for digital clarity and detail at such a small size. They come in 3 different sizes so that you can use them as singles or stack them for a double butterfly effect. 

This set of Butterfly Kisses are a part of my handpainted series. I wanted to create some really special pieces for my shop, and so I decided to take some of my shop Favorites, sit down and actually do little  paintings of them, and then take those paintings and turn them into amazing digital images. Each one of these pieces will be little works of art, first hand painted, then digitized at a high resolution and then turned into creations for my shop. I hope that you will agree that they are so original and so "Beautiful With An Edge". Pieces that you can only find in my shop, and created with a little piece of my heart.

Butterfly Kisses Violet Blossom Single Side Printed Butterflies

  • Item includes:

    6-Single Side Printed Butterfly Kisses Butterflies *Wing Span-1 inch

    6-Single Side Printed Butterfly Kisses Butterflies *Wing Span- 3/4 inch

    8-Single Side Printed Butterfly Kisses Butterflies *Wing Span- 1/2 inch


    They are printed on a Professional Printer using Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks which are archival safe, permanent inks. This produces archival prints with amazing color fidelity, gloss level, and scratch resistance as well as a finish that is water and medium resistant, so this means you can mist, paint, ink, and glitter them without worrying about the colors running or bleeding.


    Gently bend wings upward upon arrival, for even more dimension.

    Please note that these butterflies are so tiny they do not come with the glitter accents or antennas, just high fidelity imaging.


    My butterflies are meticulously detailed with layers of digitally enhanced color that give them my signature "beautiful with an edge" style. Because I care about quality, Reneabouquets Premium Papers are Acid-Free & Lignin- Free.

    These images have been color enhanced and rastorized for digital clarity and detail, then printed onto my Reneabouquets Premium, Coated Paper using Professional Inks for a gorgeous, color and detail experience that brings out the meticulously detailed layers of digitally enhanced color that give them my signature "Beautiful With An Edge" Style.

    Reneabouquets Premium Paper is Engineered and Manufactured in house at Reneabouquets, by Team Member, David Harrison using the same process as Beautiful Board~ 100% Virgin Pulp and finished with an all organic coating from Renea's late, Pawpaw's secret recipe that allows the paper to take color that produces amazing, true color with amazing depth and clarity. 

    Reneabouquets Premium Paper has a .014 point thickness. 

    All Reneabouquets Premium Paper Designs are Reneabouquets Originals.
    Copyright 2017 They may not be duplicated or recreated in any form.

    Reneabouquets Premium Paper is Exclusive To The Reneabouquets Shops.

    *This Item Is A Reneabouquets Original*


    *These butterflies are copyrighted and may not be copied, duplicated or recreated in any form. *

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