If you love texture and dimension with a beautiful shine, then you are going to love these Reneabouquets No Hole Glass Microbeads. These are high quality, glass, tiny microbeads that you can mix into mediums or gels, or apply with a high quality clear glue to add texture and color to all your projects.


At Reneabouquets we care about the artist and the environment.


Are Reneabouquets glass microbeads safe?

Glass Microbeads are non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-combustable, and environmentally harmless, making it safe and ideal for all sorts of projects! 

Why should you choose Reneabouquets Glass Microbeads over plastic microbeads? 
Plastic Microbeads are not captured by most wastewater treatment systems. ... Once in the water, microbeads can have a damaging effect on marine life, the environment and human health. This is due to their composition, ability to adsorb toxins and potential to transfer up the marine food chain.


1 Ounce No Hole Brown Translucent Glass Microbeads

  • This Item Includes:
    One-1 ounce jar of Reneabouquets Microbeads in Brown.  These are glass beads, not cheap plastic beads.

    These beads are a special process glass bead that has been surface coated with color to achieve a unique tranluscent look. The beads seem to change color according to how you use them and this can be seen in the photo. Where the beads are used loosley and not puddled together, they appear light brown, when puddled tightly together, they appear dark brown giving you the ability to create uniquely. 

    The glass coating process makes them solvent resistant, and lends them a gorgeous color quality that you just can not get with cheap, plastic beads.
    They measure .75 mm -1.00 mm and do not contain a hole.

    Sold by weight not volume.

    Jar is professionally packaged in a clear and white jar with my Reneabouquets Logo On top, and a bottom label with the color so that you can easily identify your beads when you are working with them.

    *These Microbeads are not a toy. Choking Hazard. Please keep away from children and babies.*






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