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I love dimension, and I wanted to create unique die cuts with incredible color clarity, durability and thickness that would let them POP off the page!! Once my paper manufacturer and husband, David Harrison came up with Reneabouquets Beautiful Board, I was able to take the idea of what I had always wanted in a die cut product and bring it to life!!

Beautiful Board Products come in multiple sizes, because we know that “one size does not fit all” Artists. But don't worry the, smaller sizes keep the same detail and durability as the larger sizes.


Printed Beautiful Board Itty Bitties Mermaid Dreams Tuck Ins Chipboard

  • This listing is for One-Itty Bitty Mermaid Dreams Tuck Ins 6 Piece Set Laser Cut Printed Beautiful Board Die Cuts That Includes:

    1-Pink Seahorse:  1 1/2 Inch Tall x 1/2 Inch Wide
    1-Green Seahorse: 1 1/4 Inch Tall x 3/8 Inch Wide
    1-Pink Fish: 1/2 Inch Tall x 1 Inch Wide
    1-Gold Fish: 3/8 Inch Tall x 1 1/8 Inch Wide
    1-Small Starfish: 3/8 Inch 
    1-Large Starfish: 3/4 Inch 


    The images are not clipart. They are little works of art created by me to enhance your Arts & Crafts Projects.


    For this set, I did an original digital drawing of how I envision a Mermaid's little Friends to look. I  made a couple of sleepy little seahorses, a couple of sleepy Fish and a couple of stretching Starfish. I loved creating these pieces and bringing them to life for my shop and I hope you love their beauty and originality as well.


    These Mermaid Dreams images are original dreamed up, drawn and painted images. It is a Reneabouquets Original painted in my own painting style and with amazing details and clarity. 


    Reneabouquets Beautiful Board is Engineered and Manufactured in house at Reneabouquets, by Team Member, David Harrison using the same process as Beautiful Board~ 100% Virgin Pulp and finished with an all organic coating from Renea's late, Pawpaw's secret recipe that allows the paper to take color that produces amazing, true color with amazing depth and clarity.


    Reneabouquets Beautiful Board for these pieces has a .060 point thickness.


    All Reneabouquets Beautiful Board Designs are Reneabouquets Originals. Copyright 2021. They may not be duplicated or recreated in any form.


    Reneabouquets Beautiful Board is Exclusive To The Reneabouquets Shops.



  • Included in the ad is a photo of a layout created by Reneabouquets Design Team Artist Melissa Larson for inspiration and so that you can see what this product looks like when used for a project.


    Included in the ad is a photo of a Box & Tag created by Reneabouquets Design Team Artist Erin Perry for inspiration and so that you can see what this product looks like when used for a project.

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