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Anyone who knows my work, knows that I love to do miniatures!! For this Die Cut set, I took a template that I use to put together my little 3D Tea Cups that I do, did a digital redraw and improved upon the design, then turned it into a die cut so that I can offer my customers the die cut pieces for them to easily put together their own little works of art!! I even have a step out video that I created, walking you through the steps to put the pieces together.

Tea Cup Assembly Video:


It is an older video, but here is some video links by one of my Design Team Artist Terry, and she shows how to put them together and the process as she creates with them:
and here:

Reneabouquets English Tea Rose 3D Preimium Paper Tea Cup DIY Die Cut Set

  • This listing includes: 1-3 D Die Cut Set in the Reneabouquets Cabbage Rose Print shown


    These 3D Tea Cups can be used for so many things!! Your imagination is the limit. I use them for my miniatures, but they can be used for party & wedding favor packaging, small gifts, treat bags, shower & tea decorations and so much more.


    These tea cups are created from papers that I designed myself, then color enhanced and rastorized for digital clarity and detail, then printed onto my Reneabouquets Premium, Double Side Coated Paper using Professional Inks for a gorgeous, color and detail experience that brings out the meticulously detailed layers of digitally enhanced color that give them my signature "Beautiful With An Edge" Style.

    Reneabouquets Premium Paper is Engineered and Manufactured in house at Reneabouquets, by Team Member, David Harrison using the same process as Beautiful Board~ 100% Virgin Pulp and finished with an all organic coating from Renea's late, Pawpaw's secret recipe that allows the paper to take color that produces amazing, true color with amazing depth and clarity. The Double Side Coating provides versatility, because either side can be used, leaving you, the artist, with the choice of creating either right side facing or left side facing art embellishments. 

    Reneabouquets Premium Paper has a .014 point thickness. 

    All Reneabouquets Premium Paper Designs are Reneabouquets Originals.
    Copyright 2017 They may not be duplicated or recreated in any form.

    Reneabouquets Premium Paper is Exclusive To The Reneabouquets Shops.

    *I have included a couple of photos of tea cups that I, Renea Harrison created for inspiration and so that you can see what this product looks like when used for a project. 

    Included is a photo of an altered tea cups created by Reneabouquets Design Team Artist Toni Burks for inspiration and so that you can see what this product looks like when used for a project. 
    You can find the video for this project here:

  • Included in the ad is a photo of one of these tea cups that was altered by Reneabouquets Design Team Artist Erin Perry for inspiration and so that you can see what this product looks like when used for a project.

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